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A turn-key solution for your company

At Enerinvest, we assist your company in the production of green energy through the installation of solar panels.
We are convinced that tommorow's companies will not only be profitable but green and socially responsible as well. 

Conception, installation & maintenance of your solar panels

100% Financing of your installation as well as the handling of all administrative formalities

Savings are done within the first year and a socially responsible vision is associated to your company

Our last projects

Follow-up at each step

Analyse your electricity bills
Evaluate the cost of your solar panels
Detailed presentation of the offer
Installation and maintenance of the panels
Savings over 25 years and a green image

Your benefits

  • We fully finance your project 

  • Your company benefits of free energy for a minimum of 25 years 

  • Enerinvest is financed by the green certificates generated by the installation

  • Your school secures savings without having spent a euro, and this within the first year

  • After 10 years, your company becomes the sole owner of the panels.

Notre offre
Vos avantages

Entrust your project to Enerinvest and support schools in transition through the Sun for Schools project

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Contact us by email so that we personally answer to all your questions.

You want your company to be green ? Apply for a free quote online.

Make a gesture to one of our schools

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